I come from Honduras. My name is Priscilla Rodriguez Cartagena.

I've come to find my daughter. She was disappeared in 2007.

It's been eight years - eight years since her disappearance. And I've been to the caravan four times.

And the reason for us being here is NOT ONLY for my daughter, BUT BECAUSE OF several missing Honduras - of Honduras and other countries.

We as Hondurans don't have the support of Honduras. And you go to the jails and go to several places where we we've seen many Hondurans who are imprisoned in this country (one has a sentence of 50 years)…women with children there.

It hurts me because as Hondurans - only us mothers who have missing children - we are seeing that the pain that there is…that many people have come from Honduras looking for the American dream - which isn’t there - to help us, their families.

But what they find instead is either death or imprisonment. And we do not know where our children are.

And we want, the truth, that - to send this message to our country: Demand of  the Government that worries us Hondurans: for our young people that are coming, for the women with children - because [the government] doesn’t know what it’s actually like.

But we as mothers are watching everything that is happening in this country. 

And it is a message to - to make the fight/struggle for all Hondurans. Because it is the only thing we've found and - we need the support of our governor and of those that govern.

Because our children come here looking for the American dream.

Because there are no jobs. Because there are no opportunities for young people.

Young people want to study and can not because they are threatened. And as a mother - well - I am not afraid because I know the pain that is here in Mexico.

I have seen many things - things which give me great pain.

Look at our Hondurans here begging - l looking for something that does not come because they want to. They come because they come looking for work.

They - it is not their desire to leave their country.

I am asking with these words…But I should not be witnessing these things that are happening in our country.

And we ask our government because we are from there. And if our government does not do anything for the Hondurans, who will?

Because they (young people) come to a country where even - even those from Mexico have disappeared relatives…

We have no help - not for a bus or anything. We’ve only been able to come because of the help of Mexican organizations.

Truthfully we have to thank Martita [Marta Saharan’s organization] and her whole team for everything they do.

But we have nothing in Honduras. And it makes us sad - because we are the ones who see the pain.

Back there [back home] they do not realize what happens to the migrant....and now that you are here, being Honduran, take that message to Honduras. That they see that things - that everything is not fine.